Corporate Identity design system, Branding, Stationery

AOSTA is a manner consulting firm run by Hiroyasu “AOI” Ibata, which mainly consults on service manners for luxury brands, fashion brands, and hotels. He uses his experience as a model and incorporate posture, attitude and manner into his consulting techniques.

Regarding the identity:
There is a word in Japanese “AO” within “AOSTA”, which means the colour blue, which inspired me to use midnight blue in to the identity. And then applied the colour black and white to give an impression of masculine yet noble gentlemen.

AOSTA’s fundamental concept, “manner begins from the right attitude” leads to a symmetrical shape, giving the logotype stability.  

The logo is composed of the letter A and an under bar which is the same length as the “OSTA” in “AOSTA”.  A____ is a mark representing the letter A, which is the begging of everything, which also expresses the brand concept.

Furthermore, this logomark can be used as a communication tool.  For example you can use it on a message card with the message A”ction”, or on a back of a business card with the message A”rigato”.

AOSTAは、Hiroyasu “AOI” Ibataが運営するマナーコンサルティング会社である。主にラグジュアリーブランドからファッションブランド、ホテルまで幅広く接客業やサービス業におけるマナーコンサルティングを行っている。

代表のHiroyasu “AOI” Ibata自身のモデル業の経験を活かし、独自の視点から”姿勢”や”所作”の観点からアプローチするマナー指導で他社との差別化を図っている。





Art Direction & Desgin - Taiki Kato